2023 Newsletter

2023 Newsletter

Its been a year!

On Sept 1, 2022 we became the new owners of Alpine concierge.  Over the course of our first year there has been a few issues, a a bit of a learning curve but overall but things have gone fairly smooth.  Lets look at some the things that have transpired over the course of the year. 

We have had some Alpine team members changes.  Due to health conditions we said goodbye to Norma, and we welcomed Leo and Takuma. They have come onboard to give us a hand in the housekeeping area.  We also brought in Mario.  Mario recently was the GM of the Lake Louise Inn and prior to that the Guest Services Manager at StoneRidge Mountain Resort.  So he is very familiar with providing exceptional client relations.  Since you may or may not have met us.  Ghada has worked in the hospitality industry as a GM for close to 30 years.  She has run hotels and restaurants.  Brad has worked in Technology for over 30 years and is working hard to make upgrades to the Alpine systems to provide a better experience for all our clients.


We have upgraded the look and feel of the website and added a new Logo.  If you haven’t had a chance to have a look – please do.  It was a bit of a process but we are happy with the results.  We tried to maintain the feel of the previous site but give it a bit of an upgrade.  More updates upcoming this year!


We are glad you asked.  Our first goal is to meet all of our clients.  This can be difficult because most of you are travellers (that’s are goal too).  Other goals of ours, in no specific order, are to increase and enhance our client experience.  We want to offer more services to make your lives easier.  We want our services to meet expectation, and be transparent. We also want to grow the business, so if you know of anyone looking for our services please don’t hesitate to get them in touch with us.